Starting the last full week of February, we will be collaborating with the Boys' Chorus on our Significant Task: learning how to best use our breath in singing!

We have started working on our spring concert music which is including some great Jackson 5 funky music, a song about walking to Ghana, Get On Board, Little Children, Give Me Wings, and a fun song about Lightning!

Thank you ladies for working so hard in class to create a great sound!

You will be wearing something completely NEW and different for our Spring Concert! With a huge THANK YOU to your PTSA, the music department has purchased t-shirts that have the Whittier Music logo! You will proudly be wearing Whittier colors, nice blue jeans, and decent shoes for your concert! Please wear a simple t-shirt to wear under the concert t-shirt, and when you are done,you will leave it here at Whittier, and we will clean it for the next concert!

The date of our Spring Concert is Thursday, May 3, in the Whittier Gym at 6:30pm. Please be in your spot on the riser at 6:15! You will need to arrive a little early to get your NEW t-shirt on!

If you have read this page, bring me a piece of paper with the following message and your name written on it, and you will get a surprise:

6th Grade Chorus Rocks!